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We build online services which help homebuyers
choose & purchase properties in new developments


About us

At Homsters we build online services, to help the rapidly growing middle classes of emerging markets choose and purchase properties in new developments. After building a leader in the new development segment in Kazakhstan, Homsters is partnering with established online classifieds, helping them monetize their traffic better by providing a turn-key solution for the new development segment: a world class white-labeled platform, ready to sell products, processes and know how.






Countries and growing


Homsters manifesto

Starting a family requires the solid foundation of a home.

One that can withstand a journey full of excitement, adventure and freedom. A foundation that offers comfort and security to one’s treasure-trove of feelings, emotions and experiences.

We will make laying this foundation easy for all families. Our approach is to keep it simple, transparent and genuine. You don’t need to worry, now you have a trustworthy partner. Finding a home is now easy.

So don’t hesitate to start a family. Embark on a joyous journey.

You are making the right decision. So don’t look back.

Homsters offer for homebuyers

All the projects in one place,
most complete information

Always up-to-date information

Powerful comparison
and evaluation tools

Assistance in financing
and purchase


What makes us leaders in New Developments?

Giving sellers what they want - performance

Property developers want to pay for performance:
Homsters brings them CPA and CPS payment models
and highly targeted marketing solutions.

Excelling at collecting buyer data

To maximize deal probability Homsters records every user activity
and builds comprehensive behavioral profile of each user.

Driving leads with data, not marketing.

Based on each user's behavioral patters Homsters creates individual,
data driven purchase proposals targeting the right people at the right time.

Ability to work in any language, under any brand

The Homsters platform can easily adapt to any language,
and can be white-labeled to any brand.

Our know-how

Before we created Homsters our team worked
with over 300 developers on 3 continents.

Our markets


We have launched in Kazakhstan in Q4 2015. Since then, became a leader in the new development segment.


In Q2 2017 Homster partnered with Russia's leading classified (over 8M visits/month) to replace it's new development section.


Together with the #1 real estate vertical we are building an online service for new-home buyers. Launched in Jan-2018!

Your market?

Do you have real estate related traffic and would like to attack the new development segment? Contact us now!


Meet the team

A team of experienced real estate entrepreneurs

We use our extensive knowledge of online marketing, real estate, lead generation for one goal: to create a machine, which turns clicks into real estate transactions. Our cost efficient IT center in Ukraine, Kiev allows us to create the best technological solutions at a fraction of a price of the developed markets.


Andrew Olejnik

Co-Founder, CEO

Maria Ren

Co-Founder, CBDO


Leadgen & Data




Product development

Partner with us and become #1 in your market!

White-label our solution and receive a turn-key new development business:
know-how, a top-notch platfrom, ready to sell products and processes. 

The new development segment on emerging markets takes up to 50-70% of the transaction volume. But developers and new-home buyers demand a significantly different approach and can’t be properly serviced with a standard classified business model. Classifieds have the traffic and powerful brands, but need a product offer specifically designed for that segment. Our fully performance and data-driven service is just that. By plugging the Homsters platform into their traffic and introducing Homsters as a “new development section”, our partners receive a top-notch new development business line, which allows them to jump ahead of the competition, monetize their traffic on CPA and CPS basis and get closer to the transaction stream without destroying their established model on the resell and rental sides.

Homsters allows to monetize your traffic on a wide range of models depending on how well developed your market is. Choose your own product mix - sell placement packages, analytics, leads to developers and banks or jump into the the revenue stream with the CPS model.
We provide a turn key solution to the most interesting segment of online real estate - new developments: platform, products, processes.
A ready to launch business under your brand in 3 months: including platform, processes, sales people.
No need to build your own IT infrastructure - you’ll get a ready-to-use platform and our Eastern European IT hub gives you immediate access to quality IT dev at low cost!
We will easily make Homsters fit your brand and integrate with your existing business to maximize the traffic conversions.

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