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What we do

Homsters builds and operates marketplaces which convert online traffic into transactions for property developers and banks. After building a market leader on our test market we are offering out technology and know-how a SaaS solution for online classifieds and property portals around the world.

AI-driven solution

Our white-labeled AI-driven SaaS solution serves as their new development business line allowing our partners to convert traffic into top quality leads for property developers and banks, giving them access to a massive revenue stream.

Why Homsters

Access to a massive revenue stream

Property developers and mortgage banks are top spenders on performance marketing. The Homsters platform turns your users into high-performance leads, property and mortgage transactions, allowing you to tap into a massive revenue pool.

2 months to market

A best-in-class offer for both home-buyers, property developers and banks ready to launch within 60 days.

No IT costs

A ready-to-use platform without spending years on software development.

Turn-key solution

We provide a turnkey solution to make you a leader in this profitable segment: platform, products, processes, trainings.

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