For your business


  • Record time to launch in just 2 months
  • Plug&Play solution
  • AI-driven platform
  • Flexible platform. Can be adapted to any language and white-labeled to any brand
  • Additional income from paid blocks
  • Using behavioral analysis for individual proposals; data-driven recommendations that target the right people at the right time
  • No IT costs. You can focus on your business

Monetization opportunities

  • Reports and user behavior data as a separate commercial product
  • Paid projects rotated in front page “recommended” area
  • Front page branding as additional monetization option
  • Multiple monetization options for banks - PPL, PPS, fixed fee, fee for top position, etc
  • Videos and 360 walkthrough could be sold to developers separately or as a part of a package
  • Project promos
  • Logo and link on front page could be sold as a branding option for fixed monthly fee
  • Integrated lead form and lead processing for banks with customer ID number gives opportunity to work on transactional business model and charge % of sales.

A full scope of tools needed to easily manage the platform

  • Content management panel
  • Lead processing panel
  • Marketing and leadgen panel
  • User data management
  • Reporting and Statistics

Administration panel

  • Manage developers, projects and banks from one place
  • Easy lead processing and management
  • Track all the calls from customers
  • Marketing panel and statistics
For homebuyers

For developers & banks