For developers and banks


  • Access to high quality leads
  • Lower Customer Acquisition Coast compared to other marketing channels

Functional for developers

  • Automated lead delivery to sales department -notification by e-mails, sms or integration with CRM system
  • Market data reports - real time data about supply and demand. Monitor competition and know what your customers are looking for
  • Account with leads and calls dashboard. Ability to analyze traffic on each project page, number of leads and calls, distribution by hours.
  • Monitor quality of TM team/Sales team - recording of all phone conversations

Statistics and information

  • Access phone call records to monitor quality of service and sales
  • Leads distribution by hours - plan you’re TM resources accordingly
  • Sales department quality - number of answered and missed calls during working and non-working hours.
  • Project landing page traffic by any period
  • Statistics of leads and calls for any period
  • Download all leads in real time

Available market data

  • Number of projects in active sales
  • Average cost per m2
  • Change in cost of m2
  • Cost of apartments by room by city, region, class

On-line data about demand in the
primary market

  • Demand by room based on leads
  • Demand by room based on customer profiles
  • The most popular apartment footage in cities and districts in new buildings
  • Average purchase budget
For classifieds

For homebuyers