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Vacancy: Market Research Guru

Vacancy: Market Research Guru

Do you enjoy doing research, finding information others find unattainable? Would you like to become and expert on how various real estate markets around the world operate? Do you like to develop and pitch strategic recommendations? If the answers are yes – keep on reading! 

Who are we?

Homsters is a leading property technology company which builds solutions to automate the marketing of property developments. Our products are currently being used by property portals, classifieds and developers to market over 5,000 real estate projects in 5 countries. Homsters operates globally out of offices in Singapore, Ukraine, Turkey and Kazakhstan

Where do we need your help?

We are rapidly growing internationally. Decisions of what market to enter first, in what setup, with what partners are absolutely key to the success of our business. Which is why we are looking for a Market Research Guru who will work with the CEO to make sure our company finds the best geographical markets to enter and developers an optimal market entry strategy.

What will you have to do:

In order to help us make the best business decisions you will need to:

  • Find creative ways to identify and analyze the best markets our company should enter / create research methodology
  • Run a global market sizing analysis
  • Identify the hottest markets
  • Analyze the competitors on the short-listed markets
  • Schedule and conduct expert interviews on the analyzed markets  
  • Summarize findings in a well structured fashion and high level business plan
  • As a result: provide recommendations to the CEO and our top management, jointly work on creating the best market entry strategy. 

You will be working in close cooperation with: Homsters Co-Founder and CEO, Andrew Olejnik.

What experience / skills will be helpful to complete the tasks

  • High-analytical skills;
  • Past experience in market research / consulting fe. at an investment fund; consulting company etc.
  • Ability to identify creative ways to find answers in low-information environments;
  • Ability to make decisions on how to best gather data and insights;
  • Interpersonal skills to build relationships and conducts meetings with associations and potential customers to receive data and gather market insights;
  • Ability to present and structure your findings in research white-papers;
  • Ability to make business recommendations and create high-level financial models;
  • Experience in understanding how various real estate markets operate is a plus. 

We will consider the first 6 months of your work successful if:

  • There will be a developed, repeatable research methodology;
  • There will be a number of conducted  analysis and recommendations given;
  • At least one new market to enter will be chosen and market entry plan approved;



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